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The Care Quality Commission has rated
Heathcote Care Home as Good!

Welcome to Heathcote Care Home in Swanage

At Heathcote Care Home in Swanage, we specialise in residential care for people living with memory and behavioural problems that can be brought on by the various forms of dementia and neuro-degenerative conditions. Our aim at Heathcote is to significantly improve the lives of people who suffer with dementia through the development and provision of the specialist care and support. Our model of “networked care” and support we give aims to give them back the quality of life that they may have lost.

The home is designed and operated to provide safe, calm environment in which our residents feel at home. Carefully chosen signs, pictures, decor and objects provide clues around the home which help to make sense to a person living with dementia enabling them to enjoy as much independence, mental and physical stimulation as possible.

With all this in mind we are able to offer a further specialism in that we are able to manage those dementia sufferers who exhibit unusual, disturbed and challenging behaviours that other homes are unable or unwilling to cater for. Within this area we have special interests, so please see our special interest page.



6 Cecil Road, Swanage, Dorset. BH19 1JJ
T: 01929 423778

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